October 1, 2007

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  1. Hate Realtors I DoOctober 09, 2007

    Meet some worthless scumbag Real Estate SPAMMERS.
    Spammers are scum, All Realtors are asshole scum, combine them and you have the lowest pieces of crap on earth:
    emma@ relocation-buyers.com
    realestate@ farnsworthrealty.com

    This is just a few of these ass wipe clows and their SPAM email I have received over the past month.
    I will post their names here everytime I get one of these Spam Emails.
    Remember SPAM in any form or format is Illegal.
    SPAM is unsoliciated email.

  2. Hate Mortgage Brokers MoreOctober 09, 2007

    te, Meet some Realtor Spam Scum -
    Hey I agree I get a few of them myslef, but the Mortgage Brokers are the worst. Who the hell needs some piece of shit called a Mortgage Broker, just go stratight to a bank, credit union, or major mortgage company on your own and save thousands of dollars.

    Spammers Suck.
    Mortgage Brokers Suck
    Realtors Suck

  3. re, re, Meet some Realtor Spam Scum -
    Here is a list of scumbag troll Mortgage Brokers that spammed me this morning:

    1) Todd Bookspan
    Americas Mortgage Alliance
    E-Mail: todd@toddbookspan.com

    2) L&G Mortgage
    Lisa Hoyer : mailservice@ecampaignpro.com

  4. U Been AdvisedOctober 09, 2007

    re, Realtor and Mortgage Spammers -
    This surprises anyone. These dirt bags have NO business, the market is down and anyone who spams someone is a con artist, never open or use spam related emails.
    Report all spammers to the authorities.

  5. Spammers Piss OffOctober 09, 2007

    re, Realtors sending Spam

    Yes, it;s damn annoying, and it's illegal.
    I got one from Deone Elliott of Realtity Executives email: deoneelliott@cox.net
    about a house in El Mirage, Maricopa County, Arizona like I give a crap. Who the hell would even live there?

    Realtors really do suck, but I love this blog.

  6. Re, Mortgage Spamming Scum -
    Here is one I got yesterday.
    I hate these friggin useless twit mortgage brokers, they are all con artist.

    Minnie Payton
    email: paytonmik4565@yahoo.com

  7. Another Reason America is failingOctober 10, 2007

    Saying All REALTORS suck is the biggest under statement I've ever encountered or heard.

  8. Its A Buyers MarketOctober 11, 2007

    Again housing starts are down over 22%
    New home sales are down another 12%
    These stats depend on who you talk to, but doom and gloom are here, and here to stay for sometime.
    The housing market is now becoming like Priceline.com but instead of naming your own price for airfares and hotel rooms, it's now for homes.
    Bid low, walk away if you dont get the price you want, there is a lot out there on the market. Whatever you do, dont listen to any damn Realtors, all they want is a sale for thier stinking commission.

  9. I Hate SpammersOctober 11, 2007

    Just got a Spam email from this jackass Realtor ..
    oshua Greenwood
    Kingdom Realty, LLC and Alexander Global Media, LLC

  10. Scum Realtors

    That statement is redundant.

  11. Gettin Rid of RealtorsOctober 12, 2007

    Latest Trend in Selling Homes / Preoperty / Etc.

    Stop using those damn Realtors. In Florida developers and a growing number of sub prime homeowners are turning to Auction Houses, thus eliminating Realtors altogether. If this continues it will be a nationwide trend by summer 2008 according to CNN.

  12. Who would buy from a spammer?October 12, 2007

    Here's another stinking Realtor Spammer -
    Got this spam today from:

    Chip & Sherry Brooks
    Town & Country Realtors

    Robert Garrison

  13. Your Missery Is My ProfitOctober 12, 2007

    Hey just found this Blog on Google. love it.
    I love this housing slup and stupid buyers in over their heads.
    Although I got to admit the builders are bigger idiots with so many projects started and stalled.

    Anyway, I just bought another deprssed home from a buyer going under. Last month I bought a Spec Home from a builder for 70 cents on a dollar.

  14. A 2007 Happy BuyerOctober 13, 2007

    re, Gettin Rid of Realtors
    I used an auction house in Miami last month and bought a nice high ride condo oi Florida way below market value.
    I believe this is the coming trend, at least until the housing market rebounds.
    Get rid of these stinking Realtors, who needs those damn high commissions. When they are lowered the builder charges less and can pass it along to the buyer.

  15. Go Howl At The MOONOctober 15, 2007

    Hey the hay day of the Realtor and their idiot counter part the Mortgage Broker is gone.

  16. Money protects MoneyOctober 17, 2007

    If you haven't heard, here is some alarming informaton about the current Mortgage Default crisis facing our nation ...

    1) More than 1,000,000 loans have all ready defaulted since Congress in February agreed to address the issue and have yet to do anything.

    2) The White House said they would agree to bail out only 80,000 Mortgage default loans. These are Jumbo Loans only and would involve homes greater than one million dollars. Leaving the poor and middle class to fend for themsleves again!

    3) The White House says, that bailing out the mortgage industry is just sending Wall Street a message that the government will bail business out when it screws up. So President Bush and his economic advisors have told Wall Street and the mortgage sector to fend for themselves.
    The Mortgage Industry's response is more foreclosures at a greater rate will occur.

  17. The Reposter GuyOctober 18, 2007

    People from all over the USA often post a question on craigslist about moving to Phoenix Arizona.
    Here is a short but accurate view of Pheonix (Maricopa County) Arizona ...

    I'm gonna be dead serious man. Phoenix is on its way down, especially with illegal immigration running rampant. Phoenix is slowly turning into a barrio. If you can get a hold of it, read the July 26th article on Phoenix in the magazine "The Economist". It pretty much sums up how far down hill Phoenix has gone in the past few years. Cops are getting shot every other week. The job market is still pretty decent, but not as good as it has been. There is a recession coming and Phx is going to get hit hard. Our entire economy is based on housing and the housing market is in the dumps right now and going down hill fast. Developers are high tailing it out of here, leaving incomplete houses and communties to rot in the desert sun. I'd wait a few years before moving here if I were you.

  18. I'm glad to see some intelligent, thoughtful discussion about the mortgage crisis, and how EVERYONE sucks.

    I'm confident that your ranting will change the world for the better. Keep up the good work!

    There are certainly bad operators in every profession.

  19. flush all spammers down the toiletOctober 18, 2007

    Here is another spamming realtor idiot -

    Real Estate Weekly
    email - info2@realestatespace.tv

  20. Extremely Pissed OffOctober 18, 2007

    HOA's Suck and Realtors and Mortgage Brokers who sit on HOA's suck the most.

  21. If there really was a GOD, there wouldn't be any:
    Mortgage Brokers

    Please feel free to add to this list ...

  22. Abus SunctrumOctober 20, 2007

    I'd Rather Watch Grass Grow .........
    than read a Real Estate Post.

    I might have to switch from Roof Rats and start eating Realtors.
    They're just as plentiful, and they're easier to catch because they have longer tales.

  23. Sydney in MaineOctober 20, 2007

    All ‘Mortgage Brokers’ are in fact bad and most are
    total losers, wannabees, slime, and filthy con artist!

  24. How 2 Talk 2 Real-a-turdsOctober 20, 2007

    Baby Talk 4 U -
    Ok it is obvious when dealing with realtors we will all have to adjust our mentality to child talk.
    Saying that …

    To All Realaturds:
    I say this –
    You are all smelly poop poop faces.

    See if you low lifes understand that !!!!

  25. All ‘Phoenix Realtors’ are transplanted rejects from some liberal areas like New York or California …

    With the total lack of mentality and ethics to boot.

  26. Death from AboveOctober 20, 2007

    I wouldn't let a mortgage broker lick dog shit off my shoes let alone use one.

  27. exit stage rightOctober 20, 2007

    Live, in person ...
    A Realtor -
    where's my friggin gun?

  28. Moving Are YouOctober 24, 2007

    So you're thinking of moving to Arizona, well take a look at craigslist.org RnR in Phoenix called CL (Rant and Raves). This is typical of the people that you will find here or worse.

    Here is a direct link, just copy and paste:


  29. Kaching $$$$October 24, 2007

    In addition to great buys on foreclosed properties, there will be some great deals forthcoming in the San Diego / Southern California area ... just wait for the burnout to be over, get in fast, make a quick offer and your in like money in the bank.

  30. The Reposter HuyOctober 24, 2007

    WASHINGTON DC -- Sales of existing homes plunged by a record amount in September as turmoil in mortgage markets added more problems to a housing industry in its worst slump in 16 years.

    The National Association of Realtors reported Wednesday that sales of existing homes fell 8 percent in September, the largest decline to show up in records dating to 1999. The seasonally adjusted annual sales rate of 5.04 million existing homes was also the slowest pace on record.

  31. Oh how Mortgage brokers suck.
    They are astute liars and conmen.
    Trust no one, especially if ...
    1) They are a Mortgage Broker, Lender, or Underwriter
    2) Realtor, or work for a Real Estate Company
    3) Anyone in government at any level elected or not
    4) Anyone who works for a Title Company
    5) Anyone in the Insurance business especially Home or Auto Insurance.
    6) NO builder / devleoper local or national
    7) Real Estate Appraisers
    8) Home Inspectors
    9) Termite and pest infestation inspectors
    10) Bo advertiser or anyone in the ad business
    11) No utility
    12) No contractor or repairman

  32. Another Dirty Real-A-TurdOctober 25, 2007

    I really hate spammers.
    Here is one I just got in my email ....
    DionasWhelchel Properties
    email: info@DWRCDIRECT.COM

    L@@K you toad lickers no one with any common sense would ever buy anything from SPAM Email ... now go screw yourself. I hope you go bankrupt you low life real estate scum.

  33. Consumer AlertOctober 26, 2007

    If you are purchasing a new home or own property in Arizona watch out for ths SCAM:

    Home Depot Card Scam

    These are being advertised on CL – especially places like Farm and Garden, among others …
    Be advised there is a scam going on using Home Depot Gift Cards:

    The ad looks something like this:
    A Home Depot Card is advertised, say for $200.00 that the seller claims is worth 250 or 300. Often times they say things like – We got this as a gift and don’t need it; or We are moving and no longer need the card.

    There are two types of scams involving these cards, here they are:

    1) The card was purchased through a stolen credit card.
    2) Someone used a gift card at the self checkout line and kept a blank card (no money left on the card).

  34. Ah the power of hateOctober 29, 2007

    HOA's, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Underwriters, Lenders ... they are all inchotes to con you out of your money.

    Screw the dirty little useless twit scum and Just Say NO.

  35. external market pressuresOctober 29, 2007

    You think real estate proces are low and the market is bad, well if we dont close the borders all the real estate in the entire southwest isn't going to be worth SHIT - Deport Pedro and all his friends, close the damn borders, NOW !!!

  36. WTF? Pedro and the border???

    I have a Broker that is in total denial about his debt-ridden clients who cannot go stated income on an $800K home, with a 680 FICO.

    He hounded me to shop for a loan to suit them. I did so for a week, and gave up. I KNEW I was wasting time, but he's my broker.

    So I am THROUGH dealing with these morons!

  37. You guys need to get laid.

    Yall sound like absolute psychos. Tell Hitler I said Hello....

  38. As of Nov 17 2008 kingdomrealtymail1.com is still at spamming using IP numbers such as

    The whois lookup on these IP's show they belong to

    And the hosting service is Lunarpages.com

    On the LP contact us page they give their fax number as 1-714-521-8195 but trying to send a fax report of spamming to that number, well.. the fax machine is turned off as it rings with no answer. At their toll free number a dumb tech says to send spam report to abuse@lunarpages.com

    Of course they are probably just allowing this spammer and charge him more. Mailserver logs can show high traffic and should have triggered bells. Likewise no valid website, another bell. Lunarpages is an accomplice to illegal activity being that they have been made aware and failed to terminate the service used. I reported the matter to upstream provider Mazima.net so they can act against Lunarpages.com else if Mazima does not act then they too can become liable as accomplice/accessory. They should check with their lawyers.

    A lookup at SC gov site shows the owner and address in SC which matches the whois lookup of the domain. SC gov should suspend the business license and send out the troopers. SC gov can get reports from multiple sources to lock this guy up.

    Over the last several weeks (at least) I had received 1 to 4 emails (maybe more) from this scammer and I continuously report them to spamcop, but spamcop does not show these same IP's as being on the spamcop block list. The IP's do appear on several other block lists. Spamcop needs to improve.

    It is unknown whether this person is an actual realtor or not. I found a few stories on the net and one made it sound like he was just a source of data for realtors. Hmm, he could be scamming the realtors too.

    Definitely LP hosting or Mazima networks, SC licensing and troopers, and others need to take action to stop this person and others alike. Maybe a class action suit against the slack ISP's that allow spammers would hit home. ISP's again can see when their mail goes HIGH on IP's. No excuse.

  39. added notation, where I said I received 1 to 4 emails, that was a Daily figure !

  40. This post is the saddest but most accurate representation of the majority of americans. I'm saddened that you are all allowed to vote, without taking a competency exam. It's funny how the least educated argue the loudest. I normally wouldn't even take the time to post something, but you all need to seriously get a life...stop being so angry and trying to place blame, and make a positive impact somewhere. Your rantings make you sound pathetic.


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