November 1, 2007

Closed, Archived Post for All Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Suck, November 2007

Foreclosure, Sell it, what do I do?

The Market sucks.

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  1. re, poster from last month about Pschos and Hitler ...

    Hilter or some ass clown clone must have created Realtors and Mortgage Brokers becacuse they spurn from the deaths of Hell and that's where most REAL Americans would like to send them.

  2. I am a mortgage broker and I never hurt anybody. I make sure I find rates and fees that BEAT the banks and credit unions. That is what brokers are supposed to do. That's why they call it brokering.

    You would be shocked at how many people came into my office in 2005 begging for programs that I had never heard of before that would allow for crazy things.

    I did the best I could to avoid those borrowers and when I couldnt, I did the loan for free so that if they got in trouble later they couldnt say it was my fault.

    I have not 1 borrower in default after 400 loans.

    I have 3 borrowers in three year loans that are going to be resetting soon to higher rates.

    They would have qualified to refinance out of them but for the recent tightening of guidelines due to the fore closures.

    I am working with their banks to renegotiate the fix rate term of their loan so they wont get into financial trouble. I do not charge for this service as I feel if I put them into a loan that ran into trouble down the road it is my responsibility to help them out of it.

    It sounds to me like you were one of thse crooked real estate agents that lost all your business and now you are bitter.

    I am done with you.

  3. Mortgage Broker in OhioNovember 01, 2007

    Wow, you people are a riot. Myself, being a mortgage broker, have been reading a few of your posts, and all I can say is WOW. Your education levels certainly come through in your posts (broken English, poor grammar and terrible spelling). But I'm not here to throw poo. Why do people use mortgage brokers? Because 9 times out of 10 I can get someone a better deal than any of their local banks can get them. And you want people to use the large mortgage companies directly? Ask a few people how that worked out if they used Countrywide. Give me a break and find something more constructive to do with your time. And to the gentleman who started this blog, I can understand being upset with 3-6% commissions on every deal. Unfortunately mortgage brokers rarely if ever see commissions that high.

  4. Yet you advertise for Realtors?

    at azlistedhomes?

    You are one crazy dude.

  5. Hey guys!!

    I am a Mortgage Broker in 42 states and business is great!!! I have more business than ever since so many people left the industry!!

    I wear your scorn like a badge of honor. HAVE A GREAT DAY AND HAPPY SELLING!!!!

  6. Blog Admin (All Realtors Suck)November 01, 2007

    re, Anonymous

    NO you dumb ass I don't advertise for Realtors.
    That is a consumer website about Realtors.
    It offers free advise for buyers, sellers, renters, investors, and property owners about Realtors, Real Estate, and the Real Estate Industry in general.

    Learn to read.

  7. Wow, with words like "ass clown","suck", "dumbass", etc., you guys are really going to be taken seriously. You had the chance to produce a serious website outlining the problems in the real estate industry and help your cause. You have failed miserably. This has to be the most juvenile site I've ever seen about the real estate/mortgage crash. You sound like an angry teenager that rants based on emotion and immaturity, rather than logic and intelligence.

  8. So was Azlisted homes your website before you lost all your business because you were a horrible cheating real estate agent?

  9. "Blog Admin", didn't you just violoate your(Jack's) own rule #1? "No foul language". Good job showing you complete lack of intelligence or class.

  10. Put All These Lenders In PrisonNovember 01, 2007

    Latest bad news for the housing industry, new info released today....according to CNN:
    Foreclosures are at a record high. One in every 200 homes (1:200) are either in foreclosure or face foreclosure by the end of this year.

    News Flash America - There is only two months left in 2007.

    All the experts say next year is expected to be even worse.
    Yet Congress sits on its ass and does nothing.

  11. Cynthia BouniasNovember 01, 2007

    To the useless twit Realtors and especially the Mortgage Brokers -
    This is a great Blog, I personally appreciate it.
    You low lifes issued loans to people who should have never qualified.
    You drove the housing market into a buying frenxy with inflated prices and high commisons.

    This was all based on GREED.
    You people are spurns of a failing America. I hope all Realtors and Mortgage Lenders rot in HELL.
    I place a curse on you and all your decendants forever.

  12. You Train A Cat To Do ItNovember 01, 2007

    Watch Out - Those stupid useless Spelling and Grammar Police have invaded this Blog.
    They can't conduct real business, or get a real job that’s why they all work in the Real Estate and Mortgage field.
    They are all CROOKS.
    They love to point fingers at others and critique pr criticize others but let a consumer complain, wow who are we to tell the truth to the world?

  13. The Blog Admin.November 01, 2007

    To the Cry Babies that hate me, call me names, bash me, and disrespect this BLOG:

    I was a Realtor that is why I know the game is rig against the consumer. It is also rid against the average Real Estate Agent forced to work for some idiot useless do nothing ignorant Broker.
    I never cheated anyone.
    I would not play Elaine Richardson’s (then the Arizona Real estate Commissioner, now a AZ State Senator) and The National Association of Realtors (NAR) games.
    They are useless anti consumer greed driven stinking cutthroat politicians who never want anything to change and favor the few who support them.
    Most realtors are cowards and wont stand up to the system.

    I have chosen to leave, chosen to speak out, and chosen to fight for the consumer. Say whatever you want – No one believes a Realtor or anyone in the Mortgage Business … Those days are over, so get over yourselves and stop telling yourself you are important.
    You Are Not!

    Soon the days of all Realtors will be over … The consumer doesn’t need you, they are just waking up to realize it.
    I will continue this Blog, and others will follow in my footsteps.

    Realtors and Mortgage Brokers are the blame for today’s over priced housing market that has removed the BASIC American dream from the average income American Family of owning their own home.

    This greed and your inept business practices are directly responsible for the housing industry and the foreclosures that have occurred.

    Now only your mother have still think your normal but the rest of America sees you for what you are … greedy inconsiderate bloodsuckers.

  14. re, mortgage broker in Ohio -
    Kiss my butt.
    You are a low life dweeb dipstick in a bowl of dung that no ones gives a hoot about ...

    get the hell over yourself.

  15. Perhaps you just werent a good realtor.

    There are alot of good realtors out there and alot of good lenders as well.

    You just outed yourself as one of the bad realtors who are now out of business.

    You also called yourself greey and unscrupulous.

    Way to go.

  16. as one person said I can train a CAT to be a mortgage broker.
    if u have ever dealt with a realtor u know they are apes in a cage waiting 4 the banana and will do anything to get it

  17. Wow getting some activity here today (already this month).
    I haven't posted since May.
    Could you Mr. Blog Guy (Jack) please update your website for some new info.
    Need some info / advice on buying a second home.

    hope you see this post soon
    thanks ...

  18. my last posting ws sept 16th 2007

    did you notice all the realtors and mortgage brokers always post as 'Anonymous' ....

    that's because they are cowards, low life scum, they are even ashamed of themselves and they don't want their Mommy to know they scam people and resort to this for a living instead of having a real job like most people.

    no, dont agree, then come on bring it you faceless cowards, are you afraid of a woman or is it the truth that you fear?

  19. You're not supposed to use your real name on the internet.

    You guys are nuts.

  20. I find it interesting that mortgage brokers here resort right to insults and name calling.

    It is very telling when a person jumps right on that bandwagon.

    What is not funny is the bull #$(#&^ they do and the lies they tell to make a buck.

    When any middle man tells you he has hurt no one, he is full of crap.

    He has hurt them by taking money for pushing some paper work around and actining important.

    He has hurt them but taking MONEY for pretending to know something, when in reality all he does it parrot back what ever the lenders tell him.

    Realtors and mortgage brokers come from the same bread of crooks and liars.

    It is a requirement to be a scam artist to do these jobs, any truely honest man could not stomache it.

    Sorry you mortgage brokers you and your scummy realtors have done nothing but hurt people. And take far too much money for doing it.

  21. Think about the realtor gets several thousand dollars for sticking sign in your yard (usually hires someone else to do that) and putting your house in the MLS...Whoopty dooo there are many sites you can pay a few hundred bucks to do that.


    I was one, and all we did is fluff it all up, make it seem harder then it was, and let you know that you cant do it without us.

    In reality most realtors are CLUELESS !

    Just pay a few hundred bucks, get your house in the MLS, put up a NICE sign in your yard, have some flyers made up by a professional designer and you did the work of the realtor.

    LOL Did you know that realtors dont even make their own flyer design. No, they just go to a site called sharper agent and plug in your information.

    For that matter they typically pay someone about a $100 to $150 to do the MLS and the title companies give them the post cards.

    Dont pay thousands of dollars when you can do it all your self for a few hundred bucks.

    Really you dont need a realtor.

    Personally I would not work with one selling or buying, and if I was the seller I would tell the buyer "drop that agent and I'll give you the 3% instead"

  22. When I was an agent, not the WAS, I had another agent make an offer for many thousands below the asking price on a condo I listed.

    I said "well my seller cant even pay off the mortgage with that offer" he said "it wouldnt be the first client I seen sell at a loss"

    Of course the agent wasnt about to take a loss on his commission.

    All realtors suck !

  23. Proof Realtors R LosersNovember 01, 2007

    re-Anonymous, using your real name ....
    Look stupid it is obvious you are some loser that post to a CL RnR forum. Just because CL doesn't permit the use of names hasn't got one damn thing to do with using the Internet.

    Just pick a name and Google it, hell try your own, it will probably pop up, they even have morons listed with Google .. now go fetch moron.

  24. To All Posters - Read the Blog Rules:
    Any attack on me personally or this Blog will be deleted this includes the use of my sign-in name, i.e. Blog Admin.

    More absolute proof Realtors and Mortgage Brokers SUCK and are total losers.
    Go post your crap to another forum.
    I agree with the previous poster, you sound like a craigslist Rants and Raves Phoenix Troll, go troll there loser.

  25. nyuk nyuk curly hereNovember 01, 2007

    Hey Hey Hey ....
    Can't beat the blog title:
    All REALTORS Suck !!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Here is one possible solution to solving Illegal Immigration ....

    Gather up all the Realtors and Mortgage Brokers in America, take them to the border, build huge catapaults ....

    Sling shot the realtor / mortgage scum at the illegals crossing the border -

    Whoooooo Family Bundy Day, this solves the immigration problem and gets rid of slime bred here ... The Mexicans will run like hell once they see what kinda of SHIT is being slung at them !!!

  27. Q ) What happens when you can't even make it as a Soccer Mom?

    A ) You become a Woman Realtor.

  28. Chi Town TalkingNovember 02, 2007

    I would rather be at the dentist than use a Mortgage Broker, it is less painful.

  29. cant fix stupidNovember 02, 2007

    Hey Board, What's That Smell ???

    It's a dead Realtor decaying in the hot desert.

  30. (Q) What do women Realtors do when the marlet goes bad?

    (A) They advertise on craigslist exotic ads.

  31. You Deserve ItNovember 02, 2007

    I hope all you stinking lying mortgage scum suffer from a beaner home invasion.

  32. Bring Back the Salem EventNovember 02, 2007

    I think we should test all Realtors to see if they are witches.
    First we give them a near drowning experience.
    Then we burn them at the stake.

  33. The Problem SolverNovember 02, 2007

    Well my opinion is that we gather up all the realtors and mortgage brokers, carve them up, and give them to the Illegal Immigrants for welfare food.

  34. hate is goooooood !!!November 02, 2007

    Did you ever notice how damn ugly Realtor women are?
    They sell Real Estate becaiuse their husbands are off screwing there 20 somthing stepford wive wannabees.
    So these ugly trolls figure they will get a real estate license and screw up the market - logic it's a man's fault to the bone for their problem.

  35. re, hate is goooood ........
    Yes the women Realtors I know are all divorced or lebos.
    They are total losers.
    They can't get jobs doing anything else, they get easily offended, as comments here by the idiot who have posted show.

  36. Identifying LosersNovember 02, 2007

    re, re, hate is goood -
    The men in real estate aren't any better ...
    they are losers, whimps brow beaten down by women starting with their mothers who have always taught them they are losers ...which they are.

  37. My Crying Towel Is WetNovember 02, 2007

    Please Cry for me I am a Mortgage broker and know one likes me.
    I am a con artist.
    I am a crook.
    I am a loser.
    I am a troll.

  38. Eat Dog DungNovember 02, 2007

    You might as well run outside in the rain, find a mud puddle and fart in it.
    The results are better than any Mortgage Broker can offer.

  39. I'd like to take my damn mortgage broker into a dark damp room, introduce them to a select method of Q and A called 'Water Boarding'.

  40. The Al Gore MethodNovember 02, 2007

    Attention .....ALL...Realtors, please shoot yourselves you are wasting good oxygen that the rest of us need.

  41. (identifying scum of life)November 02, 2007

    Personally I hate Real-A-Turds and Scum Bucket Mortgage Brokers, they are a waste of human skin.

  42. Just found a link on CL to this BLOG.
    It is great.
    Can't say anything GOOD about the Real Estate Industry.
    The whole thing needs to be scraped.

    Realtors are like homeless people they always have their hands out and do nothing for your money.

  43. Dedicated 2 AmericaNovember 02, 2007

    CL Poster Link, this is funnier than anything I've read on CL in over a week.
    Great post by the Haters ...
    But lets face it - hating Realtors is a national past time.

  44. Found My CallingNovember 02, 2007

    I became a Realtor after I was abducted by aliens.
    All that anal probing on their ship made me very anal retentive.

  45. blah, blah, blah, bye byeNovember 02, 2007

    Posting are great, funny, interesting blah blah blah

  46. The Debate Is OverNovember 02, 2007

    ALL Realtors Suck
    Suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck

  47. Do you know a REALTOR ???
    Then give them a box of condoms, because they should never be allowed to multiply.

  48. getting this month off to a good start.

    I read a lot but don't usually post to anything - -

    but in this case, I like the post - give a box of condoms to a realtor

  49. listed on cl so here is my comment

    i am a realtor and i dont care

  50. read some of post here, you people are flippin if you think congress should get involved in the housing crisis this a group of nimwits who can't solve the immigration problem and you want them to bail out a bunch of losers.

  51. sent to me in an email, also, as a mortgage underwriter could care less about these types of blogs and websites

    pay your bills, you contracted a mortgage, you new the risk, you ew the rewards, all markets go up and down, don't over spend and live on a shoelstring budget ... stop blaming others for your own shortcomings and failures

  52. re, do you know a realtor?

    That was great, that was funny, that was true !!!!

  53. CL Posters Are All LosersNovember 02, 2007

    If you want to find a group of losers, just go to any craigslist city and look up real estate, some of these bafoons post 10 times a day trying to convince someone anyone they are great ... yeah right, what a loser you all are.

  54. re, CL Posters
    Yes, they are all total worthless losers.
    If you have to post anywhere on craigslist for work or advertising a product or service the consumer needs to run the other way.
    The Real Estate section in engulfed with scam and spam mortgage asses trying to convince you they can get you a mortgage in today's market even if you have bad credit ... what bullshit, and CL allows these scams by not taking down these ads.
    In addition there are the Realtor scum who post multiple times a day selling their worthless ( I am great, I can list / sell your home ) bullshit ads.

    Don't fall for any of these worthless ads on CL, stay away from spammers and scammers that means say 'NO" to CL ( ).

  55. re re ... All the stupid CL Poster LOSERS -

    In full agreement, tried one of those ads for a mortgage loan got some total dumbass mortgage broker wannabee toad ... I was able to get a Mortgage on my own at a cheaper rate than they could and didn't pay for that scam midddle man (broker) bull.

  56. re, cl sucks .. especially the Real Estate / Mortgage / Business Sections.

    I agree most of it is useless, it is so bad, it is NOT worth the effort to find anything good, just pick up a Free magazine from the 7-11 or yout local grocery store - thats what I do!

  57. All CL Posters R LosersNovember 03, 2007

    re CL Real Estate Sections Anywhere Suck

    I hate asshole Realtors who advertise property from another state in the section you are viewing.

    If I wnted to buy property in your town / city / state I'd be there looking you stupid wannabee troll idiots.

  58. Cl Sucks ...November 03, 2007

    What's worse if you complain about a mortgage broker or realtor in any section especially the Rants and Rave section of any CL you get flagged or an onslaught of idiots in real estate telling stating you are the problem.
    I have never met a realtor in my life who can own up to their mistakes.
    Idiot soccer moms and fags one and all.
    If they have time to post in CL that tells you what LOSERS they all are.

    CL Posters, especially those in the Real Estate Industry - Piss Off, the consumer is no longer buying into your bullshit and over priced under serviced services.

  59. Them Losers Are IdentifiedNovember 03, 2007

    CL is Proof that The Real Estate / Mortgage Broker / Realtor days are over.

    It's time you scum go back to welfare, get a real job, or find a mate and get laid ... but We The People, dont need you no more.

  60. Hey we just dont need Realtors PERIOD - they are all scumbags and losers.

    If you have an HOA just L@@K at your Board of Directors, see the Mortgage or Real Estate assholes along with the frustrated over weight unemployed soccer moms.

  61. The Death Curse of Pain and Agony is hereby issued to ALL -
    Mortgage Brokers
    HOA Board Members
    HOA Management Company Employees / Owners
    Real Estate Commissioners
    Real Estate Investors

    You wil all scream and beg for death ...
    ha ha ha

    I will now have the last laugh, you have been hexed and I own you all !!!

  62. Unhappy Seller in Detroit MINovember 03, 2007

    A Realtor that's something you flush down a toilet.

  63. Upstate New YorkNovember 04, 2007

    re, hello unhappy
    I concur, my realtor was a total jerk, uniformed, clueless as what the hell was / is going on in the market ... how the hell to this floating ignorant housewive's get a real estate license?

  64. Attention, Wal-Mart Shoppers

    The state appointed Real Estate Commissioner will be selling discounted Real Estate Licenses in the parking lot, in 5 minutes.

  65. Homeowner In AmericaNovember 04, 2007

    I just wanted to get back on track here, Century 21 sucks.

  66. Attention K-Mart Shop-A-Holics
    Today only, close out sale on all Halloween costunes, the only one's left are zip up kids size 6 thru 12 that say ... "Hello, I am Realtor, Can I List Your Home?"

    Discounted 99% off original list price ...

  67. Garden Century ProductsNovember 04, 2007

    Listed online 'Under' - Farm and Garden Supplies:

    FREE manure combo compose pile made up solely of Dead Realtors, Dead Cats, Dead Pigeons, and Dead Mortgage Brokers mixed with local cow manure from green grass pastures.
    Bring truck we will load.

  68. Hope You All Die SoonNovember 06, 2007

    The housing market continues to get worse.
    I hate you damn mortgage brokers and your so-called stupid creative financing.

  69. attempt 2 fix stupidNovember 07, 2007

    re, Century 21 sucks poster ...
    All Realtors Suck, read the blog title, but more than that, you were stupid for using one in the first pklace - they are outdated and bottom feeders...sell it yourself,its called a FSBO.

  70. Damn Idiot Real Estate Agent / Company Email Spammers, real scum you all are ...

    I am a licensed inactive Realtor (Real Estate Agent) and think this blog is right on target. Realtors are mindless idiots and cut throat assholes, they all suck. I only use my license to buy properties for myself.

    Anyway, here is the spamming nitwit......avoid these people like killer bees trying to take over your home -

    Todd Bates

  71. Re, more Real Estate Email Spammers ...
    I got this email from a Realtor / Seminar asshole a few days ago, what morons these people are:

    Leonard Rosen

    A Las Vegas Confernce or just another way to scam and take your hard earned money

  72. Realtors R MoronsNovember 07, 2007

    re, Email Sapm ....
    Well these idiots think I am a Realtor, they sent me this junk mail trying to get me to join them as a Real Estate Agent

    Flat Rate Realty, Inc.

  73. Gee WilligersNovember 08, 2007

    Toll Brothers Builder should change their name to TROLL Brothers, what assholes.

    Please take this message with my deepest sincerity ...

    Stick Your Homes Up Your Overpriced Conniving Butts !!!

  74. re, toll brothers

    they really r arrogant bastrads
    Toll Brothers do real home buyers a favor and go bankrupt

  75. Ghost of JIMBO FLOORNovember 09, 2007

    this is to all of you "consumers" ranting agains mortgage brokers. In typical american fashion you place blame on everyone but yourselves. You all got a GFE. you all got complete disclosures at closing. If you thought you were being screwed why did you sign the documents? you could've shopped the loan, you could've looked up exactly what the loan was and how it worked. But no you didn't do that did you? So now it's not YOUR FAULT, it's the mortgage brokers fault? Don't kid yourselves. It's YOUR FAULT. You signed it, you agreed to it. Now stop complaining and whining about mortgage brokers and lie in the bed you made.


    Your friendly neighborhood,


  76. no room for cry babiesNovember 10, 2007

    re mr ghost jumbo ...
    my comments are as follows -
    1 )) To some extent I agree with your post, most Americans live is pool of debt carefree and with the lackadaisical assumption that everything will work itself out.

    We all know this is a false assumption – I blame this one on the parents and current outdated educational system in this country.

    2 )) Even the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee looking at unfair Mortgage Practices has said that only a lawyer can read and understand the terms of these so-called Mortgage Contract Agreements. These need to be written in plain high school English and people need to be encouraged to read it before they sign.
    Further they concluded that Mortgage Lenders encourage people to sign with statements like, ‘This is a standard contract, don’t worry everyone is doing it, if you want to own a home this is the only way, we offer the best rates, etc etc … Further they assess, and anyone who has ever closed on a house probably can concur that at closing you are often rushed through the process by the closing agent (title company or lawyer depending on where you live). So don’t pretend you’re NOT part of the damn problem … you Mortgage Brokers are like Realtors driven by a commission fee and that’s all you care about. Many homeowners should have never gotten a loan, they simply never qualified but the mortgage industry pushed the limit and now they are suffering. Your hands are bloody the faster you admit that the better we can turn this mess around.

  77. Arizona IdiotsNovember 10, 2007

    Another Reason NOT to move to Arizona:

    The stupid animal lovers here are morons ...
    We have one of the worst animal control systems anywhere. They do noy come out and get strays or animals unless they actually attack people.

    This makes Arizona only second to Califonia in unwanted dangerous pets running ...
    Ferral Cats
    Stray Dogs

    It also has a poor record of controlling dangerous animals like bats, bears, snakes, scorpions, rats, mice, and mountian lions.

    The political system in Arizona sucks.
    So do all the Realtors and Mortgage Brokers.
    The builders are even worse.

  78. Death 2 Stupid PeopleNovember 10, 2007

    re, Arizona Idiots .....

    Phoenix Arizona- A wildlife biologist at Grand Canyon National Park most likely died from the plague contracted while performing a necropsy on a mountain lion that later tested positive for the disease, officials said Friday.
    Eric York, 37, who worked in the park's cougar collaring program, became ill on Oct. 30 and called out sick from for a couple of days before being found dead in his home Nov. 2. Tests were positive for the pneumonic plague.

  79. worthless realtor sales talkNovember 11, 2007

    Meet another spamming real estate asshole ...
    got this spam today from this jerk:
    Robert Gibbs
    InTouch Home Tours

  80. former realtor in atlantaNovember 11, 2007

    The real estate industy is broken ...
    this whole concept of commission structure, brokers, etc is created by The National Association of Realtors (NAR) a corrupt anti consumer group with a strangle hold on the the housing industry and a powerful lobby group in Congress.

    This Good Ole Boy concept is going down and they are too stupid to realize it.

    The entire housing fiasco can be blamed on the NAR.

  81. ghostofjimbofloorNovember 11, 2007


    If you really want to point the finger don't point it at mortgage brokers or even realtors. Point it FIRST at the consumers for signing documents they supposedly didn't understand. What? they couldn't hire a lawyer to explain it to them in plain english? c'mon, the blame is on the consumer. they had the ability to shop the loan, hire an attorney to explain the documents, take 10 hours to read and sign the documents. You cannot tell me that the brokers and realtors are responsible for the housing industry being in this mess. Just like I said before, everybody that thinks they got a raw deal always wants to blame someone else for their stupidity instead of looking in the mirror. Caveat Emptor.


    PS by the way, if property values were still going up, NOBODY would be complaining right now. All very hypocritical in my opinion.

  82. An Opinion from Orlando FLNovember 11, 2007

    For PEOPLE on both sides of the Real estate / Mortgage / Housing issue ...

    If you are over 30-years-old you should have come to realize basic economics 101, i.e. everything that goes up must eventually come down, and everything down will eventually rise.

    Side Factor 1 = For the Realtors / Investors / Mortgage people you are clearly to blame for this current mess in the fact you gave people loans who should have never qualified. Also realtors buying homes and flipping them caused the market to excel in over inflated prices coupled with those idiot high commission fees.

    Side Factor 2 = Home Buyers living on the edge and not expecting an over heated over inflated housing maeket to crash is a Hollywood fantasy at best. Couple this with excessive credit card debt, peopl getting into the housing market as an investor with no knowledge and the morons with the mutple mortgages on one property cannot expect anything but personal bankruptcy as an outcome.

    But hell to you Liberal optimist and the Wall Street greedy bastards lets get Congress involved and the market ought to recover in about 10-years, if we're luck.

  83. to, gojf
    Right it is obvious you haven't been to a closing other wise you wouldn't make idiotic statements like taking 10 hours to read everything or hire a lwayer to do it for you

    the simple fact is you are crooks ...

    write the contracts in SIMPLE to read and understandable language

    now piss off you are the problem in America

  84. mortgage brokers are conmenNovember 11, 2007

    re re GOJF

    some adjectives that describe you and people like you....

    what a moroooon
    con artist
    slime ball
    shit 4 brains
    turd in a bowl

    now get over yourself

  85. a foreclosed homeownerNovember 11, 2007

    Realtors and Mortgage Brokers should NOT be allowed to breed ...
    please find 1, and tell them now ...
    embarass their stupid useless children, walk up to a child of a realtor or morgage broker and say.
    "Hey your _______ (mommey / daddy) is a con artist please know they have ruined the lives of so many."

    YES, hurt them like they hurt others, con artist dont deserve any mercy nor do their spouses and hell born off-spring.

  86. hurt like I hurtNovember 11, 2007

    Wall Street, Bracing for More Bad News From Banks:

    Wall Street already expects banks' portfolios to lose at least $20 billion in the fourth quarterof this year alone, after announcements of anticipated writedowns of mortgage-backed securities.

    Yep I hope they all go bankrupt, there own greed and stupidity has brought this upon themselves and millions of consumers. Hopefully all these asshole Mortgage Brokers will lose their jobs and homes so they get a taste of what the rest of us are going through.

  87. Hell called please report right awayNovember 11, 2007

    hello -
    i am scumbag
    i am a mortgage broker
    i lie, i cheat, i con people
    i make empty promises

    all so i can get my commission

  88. monkey see, monkey doNovember 11, 2007

    do you know a realtor ???
    shame on you to admit you associate with low life dirt bags

    that must mean you are one .....

  89. Personally I ThinkNovember 11, 2007

    Realtors have shit for brains and fantasize about midgets flying from their ass.

  90. Proof Is There, Just Look 4 ItNovember 11, 2007

    If you're not convinced the world is engulfed with stupid greedy useless diatribe wannabe num nut scum ...then just sit down and have a conversation with a realtor'll be convinced then, guaranteed.

  91. To – All Realtors / Mortgage Brokers in Arizona,

    I sincerely hope you all die … here is my reasoning:

    My husband and I purchased a small horse property with a sub-prime 2-year arm loan. Yes we stretched things but wanted to get our dream property. I have two children. We put 5% down and spent a few dollars getting the property ready for two horses and some necessities, nothing extravagant.
    Our smiling two-faced mortgage broker and realtor (in cohorts, of course) convinced my husband we could swing this deal. The promise was we could refinance to a 30-year fixed rate when the arm was up …
    Guess what they lied – the lender informed us we don’t qualify, wrong income ratio, etc. etc. for a 30-year fixed rate which left us with an new mortgage payment of 55% larger than we were paying ..
    Results, are obvious, we couldn’t do it.
    Went to other mortgage lenders, no way.
    Summary of Outcome …
    My husband had a stroke, now he can’t work.
    I sold the horses and gave away our dog, this broke my children’s hearts.
    I will never see the American dream.
    I am now in bankruptcy and living in a 3-room apartment in a bad neighborhood.

    So, you stinking little low life greedy scum, die, die now, do the world a favor and kill yourselves.

    Now are there any other stinking mortgage brokers or realtors that want to come on this board and tell the homeowner that has lost everything it is their fault?

  92. there are those who still careNovember 12, 2007

    to the people who lost their property

    my heart goes out to you and yours
    it proves how the real estate industry and all those who are part of it have rip the guts out of america

  93. Just read the story of the family in amazes me that we haven't seen on CNN where some stupid useless mortgage broker has been shot.

  94. Reality CheckNovember 16, 2007

    Just In Case ....

    No one is paying attention, Goldman Sachs today announced that Two Trillion Dollars will dry up in the credit and lending industry due to the 500 Million Dollars expected in bad mortgage failures this year and next.

    This simply means that borrowing money, any money will be very difficult in the months to come.

    It also means that the U.S. is definitely headed for a recession.

    Add this to the fact gasoline has risen nearly 90 cents since this time last year, inflation will have serious effects on consumer spending and will, of course hit the poor and middle class the most.

    Also bankruptcies and future layoffs are expected to rise.

  95. Meet another Spamming piece of shit:

    Sterling Mortgage Corp.

    First these scum bag Mortgage Brokers ruin America now they spam people to continue their con game.

  96. I Am Not a RealtorNovember 20, 2007

    Speaking of low life Spaming Idiots, here is one:


    They sent this to me thinking I am Realtor, what friggin twit morons they are.

    Obviously they real-a-tards are unaware of that SPAM is illegal.

  97. consumer alertNovember 20, 2007

    Well I got this SPAM from these ass wipes today asking me to buy a house in Las Vegas ...

    Flat Rate Realty, Inc.

    email -

    Look even the FBI warns people NEVER buy anything from spammers online, ignore anyone who send you SPAM via email, these are the lowest form of scum on the planet.
    Automatically assume it is a con game and they are con artist - protect yourself, that's not me talking here, but every expert on Spam both in and out of the government.

  98. In case no one saw the news, this year alone, Tucson Arizona has over 5,000 foreclosures as of Nov 1.

    I hate Mortgage brokers ... they all friggin suck.

  99. now piss offNovember 26, 2007

    Another SPAMMING Ass wipe:

    This one wants to sell me a house ...


    LOOK Ass Clown, if I want to list or sell a house I don't need no ignorant spamming useless twit scum realtor to do it.

  100. More Dirty REALTOR SpammersNovember 27, 2007

    Stupid ass real estate mortgage class, WTF
    Sylke Conway


    hey spammer, eat shit and die !!!

  101. pls go bankruptNovember 27, 2007

    SPAM is Illegal you moron ......
    Here's a stupid twit who thinks Realtors actually control the market for the good


  102. spammers R scumNovember 27, 2007

    MORE Useless SPAM ...

    Got this dumb asses email about some conference for land development - all the speakers are LOSERS, they are All Realtors ...

    never attend these stupid ass things they are designed to to take your money and fill your head with bullshit, most of which never works in the real world.

  103. the bullshit never stopsNovember 27, 2007

    Here's a MORON who wants to sell me a data base of Realtors and Listings for $999.00.

    WTF is this shit?

    Who the hell would want it?

  104. stop sending me spam emailNovember 27, 2007

    Here's another stinking Spammer ...
    since the housing market went into the tubes, these jackasses are coming out of the woodwork -

    This yo yo wants to sell me a listing packag:
    Todd Bates

    First - I am not selling or buying.
    Next - I don't need no stinking realtor, et al con man telling me how to sell my house.
    Last - If I were selling I would do a FSBO (for sale by owner, as in do it myself). If I were buying I wouldn't use a Realtor, I would just look around and hire a real estate attorney if I found something.

    Personal Note: This whole thing about using a Real Estate Agent / Mortgage Broker is a con game. Everything you want to know about real estate (buying or selling) you can get on the Internet.
    As for a Mortgage Broker they are the most useless of all. Total scum and con artist.
    Save thousands of dollars, do it yourself. Stop being lazy, these leaches are counting on you being lazy.

  105. More Bad NewsNovember 27, 2007

    Home price drop largest on record
    NEW YORK - Prices of existing U.S. single-family homes in the third quarter slumped 4.5 percent from a year earlier, matching a record decline from the previous period as the housing downturn deepened, according to a national home price index on Tuesday.
    The S&P/Case-Shiller National Home Price Index fell 1.7 percent from June, marking the largest quarterly decline in the index's 21-year history, S&P said in a statement.
    Robert Shiller, a Yale University economist and co-developer of Standard and Poor's S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, on a Standard & Poor's teleconference following the release, said that at this point there is substantial concern and uncertainty about the outlook for the U.S. housing market.

  106. The Assholes Are Out AgainNovember 28, 2007

    Talk about SPAMMERS, here is one:
    What is it with these jackass Realtors are they all unemployed?

    NEVER, I'll repeat that Never use the services of any Realtor, Real Estate Company, Mortgage Company, or Mortgage Broker that send you an email.

    These are the lowest most worthless of the scum in business.

    Now to you spamming shit wipes, get a real job, and get the hell of my Internet.

  107. Asshole AlertNovember 28, 2007

    Reference to the last poster about spam email ...
    I agree these people are useless, please add to that any scum bucket that advertises for any product or service on, in any city, any time, anything offered ... they are all con artist asstards.

  108. Latest info is out about homes for sale ...
    ALL Bad News for Sellers.
    There are more homes for sale than anytime since records have been kept going back 22 years.

    In addition, there were 250,000 homes foreclosed on in October alone.

    If you're planning on selling, wait it is a buyer's market or expect to get less than what you paid if you bought it in the last 5-years.

  109. Bob Stein, Miami FLNovember 29, 2007

    There are many Real Estate BLOGS out there, but most are run by Realtors or Mortgage Brokers ... this is the only Blog I found that is independent and consumer driven, i.e. anti Realtor anti Mortgage Broker ... this Blog is great for the consumer, it tells how it really issomething the Real Estate industry doesn't want you to know.
    This Blog on the other hand is bad for those who pretend to be the good guys like Realtors or Mortgage Brokers.


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