April 1, 2008

Closed, Archived Post for All Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Suck, April 2008

Cloning Housing or I am a stupid ass national builder who scams homeowners into believing this idea is good. I also add a Home Owners Association (HOA) to the concept to the highest level of insanity possible.

I sold fast food damn it then I became a Real-A-Tard (realtor). I don't know shit, but that 6% commission is great. Now the housing market is bust and I am back to my old job at the fast food joint.

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Video: More Real Estate Foreclosure Scams

Don't be a victim, look at these YouTube Videos I have put together. Read the BLOG, read other peoples experiences. Don't trust anyone with your money!
Protect yourself from con artist, scamers, bad Stupid Realtors, and s bad Mortgage Brokers.

Video: Foreclosure Scams

Con Artist taking advantage of the desperate who try so hard to save their homes, which was once known as the American Dream, and now is the American nightmare!

Video: Crooked Real Estate Deals

Video: America Take Note - You May Be Next

House wouldnt sell at 50% off?
Real Estate never goes down?
This California area is just the beginning, the rest of America has all ready started following suit.

Video: Funny Take on the Mentality of the Average Realtor

Selling Houses -

Video: Who is the Bigger Idiot, The Seller or the Realtor?

A pissed off person explains the the non sense of some real estate sales....

Video: Burnett Quadruples Foreclosure Statistics

Video: Billionaire Zuckerman, We are Headed for a Deep Recession