July 5, 2009

Five Worst Housing Markets in the USA

The EXPERTS say, Don't plan on buying a house in anyone of these cities:

Reason: 5 Housing Markets That Have Further to Fall.....
1) Detroit
Housing prices fell 4.9% in Detroit in March, according to the latest reading of the Case-Shiller Index. That marked the city’s largest monthly decline since January 1991, when S&P’s backlogged data begin. Houses in Detroit are currently selling at 1995 prices – and with prices still falling so fast, it’s hard to say when the city will rejoin the 21st century.

“Detroit is Detroit because of the auto industry,” says Maitland. The whole Midwest is hurting from car companies’ woes, but Detroit is hurting the most.

2) New York City
Anyone who was hoping to see Wall Street suffer from the financial crisis can relax. New York may have avoided the nationwide implosion in home prices early on, but the city saw its largest-ever monthly decline in March, at 2.5%.

“New York may not be out of the woods,” Maitland says. “Because of what’s going on with the financial markets and the layoffs on Wall Street, New York may be one of the last places to turn around.”

3) Phoenix
Home prices in Phoenix have fallen 53% from their peak in June 2006, and the 2009 data suggest they’ve got farther to go. In March, prices in Phoenix fell 4.5%.

The Southwest has been one of the hardest-hit regions in the mortgage crisis. The region still faces a glut of recently-built homes.

“In Phoenix, you had some of the worst excesses,” in terms of overbuilding, Moody says. “The surplus of houses is so great that it could take two or three years” for prices to turn around. However, a steady influx of new residents into the region suggests the long-term prospects for the market are sound, he says.

4) Portland, Ore.
In the Northwest, median home prices are down but they remain above the national average. Portland’s prices fell 2.1% in March. Home prices in Seattle were down 2.0% for the month.

“Portland’s still going down,” says Dave McCarthy, president and chief executive of Integrated Asset Services, a real estate valuation and asset disposition and management company that collects data on the housing market.

The city “has remained pretty strong but they’re starting to feel some of the effects,” he adds.

The local labor market may be playing a role, Moody says. Portland’s unemployment rate was 11.6% in April, according to the Department of Labor. That’s well above the national average for the month (8.9%).

The Pacific Northwest bubble was among the last to burst, which could mean the market will be among the last to recover.

5) Minneapolis
Housing prices in Minneapolis fell 6.1% in March, the largest monthly decline of any metro area since data tracking began in 1987.

More than half of all March home sales in Minneapolis were due to foreclosure or short-sale activity, according to the Federal Reserve Board’s Beige Book, which gathers information on regional economic conditions. Foreclosed homes tend to drive prices down because “the bank’s best interest is to get the asset off their books” as quickly as possible, Maitland says.

July 1, 2009

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