September 3, 2007

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  1. disappointedSeptember 03, 2007

    Trend Homes, a new home builder, sucks.
    I hate them.
    Never buy a property from this builder or you'll soon be parted with your money and be unhappy.

  2. Great Blog ..
    I concur - All Mortgage Brokers and their stinking useless con artist counter parts known far and wide as Realtors ... SUCK !!!

  3. Very Very Unsatisfied CustomerSeptember 06, 2007

    Fo those thinking of doing home repairs and upgrades, for possible sale or long term use of your home, be advised:

    Polyrock known in Arizona as Stone Impressions of Tempe AZ Sucks !!!

    bad workmanship / bad contractor
    Dont use these arrogant idiots.
    This is a concrete overlay product used for sidewalks, patios, porches, pool decks, etc.

    Just sue their asses in small claims court that's where I am heading tomorrow.

  4. former homeownerSeptember 08, 2007

    Anthem Homes in Anthem Arizona (just north of Phoenix) ...
    I finally sold mine but a huge loss. The community sucks. The builder sucks. The realrors and sales people suck. The inhouse mortgage company sucks. The people suck. The traffic really sucks.
    Dont buy there EVER.

  5. Polyrock SucksSeptember 08, 2007

    I just found your blog on google.
    I too have had issues with these assholes from Polyrock / Stone Impressions in Arizona.
    They dont honor their warranty, they are over priced, the owner is an arrogant SOB.
    Stay away from these assholes.
    What's worse if you get this concrete stamped overlay done no one else from another competitor will touch it. You may end up with something that looks like a piece of crap or worse having to remove it. That means tearing up the entire concrete structure which will cost thousands.
    Your best to just put in exterior tile or flagstone or do nothing.

  6. I've had so many damn problems with my Horton Home.
    Be smart never buy from them.
    Another warranty not honored.
    There are no ethical builders in Arizona.

  7. a mortgage lenderSeptember 11, 2007

    Well, for all of you people who are now losing your homes, cars, boats, hummers and all those other luxuries you afforded yourself, I don't feel sorry for you not in the least.

  8. mortgage broker, now retiredSeptember 11, 2007


    poor stupid middle class idiots.
    you exist for me to make money on
    you cry baby bastards, you come to me for money and help, I give it too you then you can't afford the payments, who's fault is that?

    But you silly shits made me a lot of money !!!
    Now go chase another dream - LOL.

    Gee, you sure are one stellar human being! I am sure you are SO PROUD of yourself!

    P.S. That was sarcasm to the clueless.

  10. A Realtor in San DiegoSeptember 11, 2007

    Mortgage Broker and Realtor Hate Rank ...

    You people dug your own holes, now get a life, maybe some anger management and prozac may help!!

  11. No One Made You Do ItSeptember 11, 2007

    hey Ted and to all the others who post here,

    What a shriveled old fuck you must be. You maliciously begrudge those who have wider vision than your dinky existence.
    Didn't you ever hear Donald Trump "THINK BIG!"? Setback is temporary. Success is an attitude. And you are clearly a failure.

  12. I could reveal myself but then I wouldn't have any Realtors, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, and the like to send below to Burn in Hell.

  13. You can tell my idiot builder and his contractors hired illegal Mexicans, the home is a piece of crap.

  14. thinking out loudSeptember 11, 2007

    most places have passed legislation banning smoking ... so why cant we ban realtors and mortgage brokers they do more harm ????

  15. real estate investorSeptember 11, 2007

    RE: RE:RE: Foreclosure Blues:
    Go ahead and be bitter and vindictive against successful people because you're losers and can't figure out why the world shits on you when shit is all you have to offer.

  16. Hello, Am I Scary?
    I look forward to the day we are bombed out of existance.
    Humans screw up everything they can in this world, mainly for their own greedy purposes and comforts. America is a sick and vulgar society and it will only get sicker. I welcome death how about you?

  17. The Reposter GuySeptember 13, 2007

    Stockton California: The foreclosure capital of America.
    A town in central California has become ground zero in the wave of foreclosures plaguing the US housing market in the wake of the sub-prime lending crisis. With a population of nearly 300,000, Stockton has acquired the unfortunate distinction of having the highest foreclosure rate of any US city, with one in 27 households left counting the cost of the credit crunch, according to Realtytrac, an online marketplace for goreclosure sales. Stockton's Weston Ranch neighborhood, a 15-year-old subdivision of modest tract homes, has the worst foreclosure rate in the area, according to ACORN, a national advocacy group for low and moderate-income families.
    It's not the CEO of Intel who lives in Weston Ranch, but the guy who details his car.

  18. Dont Move HereSeptember 14, 2007

    Arizona has gone to shit, with all of its border jumpers, snow birds, wannabe gangsters, drug dealers, dumb ass realtors, crooked contractors and suppliers, con artst mortgage brokers, and scum bag politicians.

  19. countrywide mortgage company sucks.

  20. Still Looking 4 Retail SpaceSeptember 15, 2007

    The Commercial / Retail real estate brokers in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona suck.
    They are very unprofessional.
    I have spent two weeks all ready looking for a retail space and left over a dozen messages with Realtors, which only one every called me back, and they were trying to sell me property ... what part of I want to lease (rent) a retail space don't these morons understand?

  21. re, unprofessional realtors

    and this really surprises you, especially about Phoenix Arizona, the white collar crime capital of the world.

  22. re, Unprofessional Realtors in Arizona

    I had the same problem with purchasing a new home.
    I wanted to purchase a Spec Home from a distressed builder. I got Realtors trying to sell me everything but a NEW home.
    The people of Arizona are friggin idots and the Realtors in the Phoenix Valley lead the way and all march to the same tune ..
    They should have a sign around their neck that says. "Hello I am a Realtor, I am An IDIOT."

  23. re, Unprofessional Realtors in Arizona


  24. re, Unprofessional Realtors in Arizona

    Mega Dittos
    Same here, they show you everything but what you ask to see and they display their biased ignorance and stupidity.
    Find it yourself, who needs them anyway?

  25. Someone in San DiegoSeptember 15, 2007

    re, Unprofessional Realtors

    These asswipes aren't just in Arizona, they are everywhere.
    Greedy low life bottom feeders.
    Nothing about the slime balls surprises me.

  26. re, Unprofessional Realtors in Arizona / Buying A Spec Home -
    Boo Hoo Hoo and who cares you deserve what you get or got ha ha ha
    You shouldn't have used a realaturd in the first place they are all do nothing no nothing shit 4 turd brains

  27. All Realtors Are MoronsSeptember 16, 2007

    re, unprofessional commercial / retail realtors:
    You never said who the companies you contacted were.
    But I had this same problem with Rbi Real Estate in Phoenix Arizona.
    I simply just looed up the property owner (little hassle there) and contacted them directly.
    They rented the property to me, thus bypassing the realtor fees.
    So you may want to just go into the public records, online by the way, and find the property owner, tell them the idiot realtors they hired aren't serving either the property owner or the potential reatail lease holder (user).

  28. re, Rbi Commercial Real Estate
    Yes I had problems with these assholes myself. They can't get their facts straight and then try and lease you something you dont want.
    That's when they get around to calling you back ....

  29. re, realtors

    Wake-up people they are all morons .. !!!

  30. Boycott This Raghead AirlineSeptember 16, 2007

    Some dumbass real estate developer sold space and the government granted landing rights to Alliance Air out of Phoenix Arizona.
    This airline is owned by a bunch of rag headed Muslim Arabs.
    The things people will do for money.

    Just like a Realtor and Real Estate Deboper both to sell out America.

  31. Wake-up AmericaSeptember 16, 2007

    The second great depression -
    This last round of mortgage fallouts, debt at an all time high, people screwing each other for every last dime, taking advantage of others, the stock market roller coasters on and on.

  32. Hate Them There Real-A-TardsSeptember 17, 2007

    Tired or Frustrated with the Real Estate Market?
    Me Too....
    That is why I tried selling it myself.
    You know what ---- It works too.
    Dont need to stinking realtors.

    The correct and only way to sell your home is with a FSBO
    For Sale by Owner ...
    Try it you'll save thousands of dollars and have peace of mind to go along with money in your pocket.

  33. Latest Hosuing Stats out today -
    U.S. Home Foreclosures Soared in August, they were Up 36 Percent From last July (only one month ago).

    Proof George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Allan Greenspan conspired to boost profits of their Wall Street cronies in the banking business on the backs of average Americans.

    Wake-up America we are being sold out.

  34. I've got one word for you... FSBO

  35. Losing My Home But Who CaresSeptember 21, 2007

    So Congress and the President along with the FED wants to help out distressed Mortgage lenders and troubled homeowners. The problem is they want to help the ones with the Jumbo loans. That means the upper class rich shits again. They are worried about people with mortgages failing that are over 500,000 dollars. They want to bail them out. That's just like Congress and the other political puppets, bail out the rich and hump screw the middle class and poor again.

  36. The Reposter GuySeptember 21, 2007

    Alan Greenspan said today that house prices will drop much lower.

  37. Hate ArizonaSeptember 22, 2007

    Typical REALTOR -
    Het Walter want to sell my house?
    Walter Alexander, 46, of Mesa, Arizona, a licensed Realtor in both Arizona and California was arrested on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with a deadly weapon. Alexander, who was described as one of Simpson's golfing buddies, was released without bail.
    Walter was one of the two subjects who had a gun.
    He is also reportedly related to the Baseline Rapist.

    Lets see if the assholes at The Arizona Dept of Real Estate revoke his license.

  38. Kill the ScumSeptember 23, 2007

    re, Typical Realtor / Arizona / OJ Simpson cohorts -

    And this surprises you - why ???

    They are all scum.
    Realtors and Mortgage Brokers live to scam and cheat people out of their money.
    You actually think the State of Arizona will revoke this turds license, and what friggin vaccum have you been living in?

  39. re, Typical REALTOR -

    That scum bag has all ready admitted to doing it. He cut a deal early that's why he walked with no jail time or bail. He is a piece of shit.
    Another lying ass useless con artist scumbag.

  40. Lessons LearnedSeptember 23, 2007

    re, re, re, Typical REALTOR:

    Hey I wouldn't let that piece of con artist crap list my house if he paid me.
    Screw these dumbass worthless good for nothing realtors and mortgage brokers.
    Sell that house or property yourself.
    FSBOs are the way.
    Then use a lawyer, save thousands.

  41. Sorry I did it in CalifSeptember 23, 2007

    re, read the posting about Polyrock, et al
    I had the same problem but with a different company.
    This concrete overlay is total bullshit.
    Either stain the base concrete, acid wash it, or lay real tile or flagstone down -or- do nothing -but- dont do any type of an overlay.

  42. re, typical .....
    hey all realtors are assholes and numnuts, so expect nothing, and that's what you will get.
    ur stupid 4 using a damn realtor in the 1st place.

  43. Idiots R People To:
    C'mon people, have some compassion on your neighbors. Not everyone can be an intellectual giant or soul inspiration.
    Some people need to drag humanity to the dregs, and what better place to try than becoming a Realtor.

  44. We Are ClosedSeptember 23, 2007

    Thinking of moving to Phoenix Arizona, well we here who are still somewhat sane have decided to change the name of this over crowed illegal infested drug haven to ...


  45. OMG, Realtors are stupid, they suck -

    who would ever think ???

  46. re, moving 2 Phoenix AZ

    This town sucks.
    The Realtors are the dumbest ass people next to the illegal Mexicans on the planet.

    Stay out unless you want to experience a Home Invasion, High Taxes, Crooked Contractors, Scumbag low life Realtors, Con Artist Mortgage Brokers, Drug Addicts, and Car Jackings.

  47. re, Phoenix Arizona


    Illegals welcome, have a cockroach baby on the U.S. Taxpayer, import you drugs here, and killing police officers is permitted.

  48. I Is A Real-A-Tard 4 IslamSeptember 26, 2007

    re, Phx Az

    Terrorist welcome, ;et me assist you in finding a horse property in the middle of no where so you can practice killing Americans.

  49. Hire A Real Estate ProfessionalSeptember 26, 2007

    re, Phoneix AZ and Terrorist .....

    Welcome all illegals even those who want to Kill us.
    The AZ Govt believes in open borders, come on in, we have lots of dishonest Realtors and crooked ass business people related to the real estate industry that will assist you in finding that perfect house for ...

    your meth lab
    your coyote Mexican cgeap labor drop house
    your drug storage and distrubtion center
    or any other illegal activity that you need

  50. The Morons Are MultiplingSeptember 26, 2007

    RBI Commercial - Retail Real Estate Brokers suck.

    This group goes out of its way to hire the most stupid Realtors I've ever met.
    If you own property and are loking to lease it to a tennant, don't use RBI.
    They don't return phone calls.
    When and if you finally talk to someone at Rbi the TV Show, 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader' immediately comes to mind.

  51. re, moving to Phoenix Arizona or the so-called Valley of the Sun ...

    Also should be mentioned ...
    - Low paying jobs
    - Shortage of medical and hospital staff
    - The over crowded hospitals because of the illegal aliens who get FREE medical care, and NO you dont go to the head of the line if you have health insurance or money!
    - Poor education, schools here hire anyone to teach, and most efforts go to educating the illegal Mexicans
    - Over crowded freeways, and long commutes.
    - Lets not forget that the valley is the new San Francisco, the home of Gays and Lesbos
    - Homeless people are everywhere, after all it's warm here, why be in Chi Town or NYC when you can be warm on the streets of Phoenix
    - The stupid over priced useless go no where no one will ever use 'Light Rail System,' more stuff for dumbass college students, illegals, homeless, and government workers to use that will never relieve the congested highways or benefit the people who pay for it.
    - Growing Neo Nazi and KKK Clan movements.
    - Identity Theft is rampant here
    - Rape, Murder, Pedophiles - we got all the crime any one country can stand all centered in on area ... welcome to the Phoenix Valley.

    You think all this is a joke, these anti Arizona postings here, well just go to and check out the Rants and Raves online postings and you get a pretty good example of the type and quality of people here in the Valley.

  52. Realtor in DenverSeptember 26, 2007

    Hating Realtors
    I bet all you idiots who hate Real Estate Agents didn't complain when we found you a home or sold your house.
    Go back to bed, take your meds you cry baby losers.

  53. Phoenix is turning into Beanerville, Arizona USA
    soon, very soon the houses here wont be worth squat and all you losers known why Realtors are worthless, but hey they will have made their money.

  54. Crooks They All AreSeptember 27, 2007

    Realtors and their stupid high commission greed are the fault most homeowners have no net profit after selling their home.

  55. Developers Go Suck An EggSeptember 27, 2007

    Commercial Real Estate Office / Retail Condos - anyone who buys one of these doesn't have the sense God gave the common dog, and I hope they all go bankrupt real damn soon.

  56. Is There a Foreclosure Coming to Your Neighborhood?September 29, 2007

    As reported today on CNN, moving to the Phoenix Valley in Maricopa County Arizona … consider this:

    1 in every 242 homes are in foreclosure.

    About 10% of these are vacant and totally abandon by the owners.

    About another 10% have renters who probably do not even know the home is in foreclosure and are continuing to send in their rent payment to the owner or property agent.

    Renters get about 5-days notice to vacate when a judge has issued a foreclosure sale notice.

    Renters have no recourse against the mortgage company or their foreclosure agents.

    Many renters retaliate and damage the property including taking appliances, doors, etc, to make up for their lost rent paid which is not recoverable.

    A ‘Foreclosed’ property lowers the average value of homes in that particular community by 1% or more.

    Abandoned properties with pools or spas are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, rats, and other vermin. Report these to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Dept immediately for action.

  57. Centex Homes Suck:

    Here is my story about buying a new
    Centex Home …
    I have had the home treated 3 times for Termites
    The bathroom Moen Faucets in both bathrooms have been replaced
    The Exterior Door has been replaced
    The Garage Door has been repaired twice
    The TV Cable is all bad
    There have been 2 Natural Gas Leaks
    All 3 CO2 Detectors have been replaced
    The Dishwasher has been repaired twice
    The Entire Drain (sewer) System has been cleaned out twice
    The Roof has needed repair twice
    The Microwave was replaced
    The Bedroom Wall split open
    The Carpet has needed repair’
    One of the Recessed Kitchen Lights has been replaced
    The Exterior Stucco has needed numerous repairs
    3 Window Sill have need repairs
    The Concrete Driveway has needed repairs
    All 3 Exterior Lights have been replaced
    The Gas Hot Water Heater has been replaced

    I have done more on this Centex Home than I have on all my other homes combined.

  58. new home buyerSeptember 29, 2007

    re, I agree I bought a Centex Home last year and it's a total piece of shit.

  59. another unsatisfied buyerSeptember 29, 2007

    Centex Homes, Centex Builders - they are both shit.
    Never buy from them.

    Been there, done that, will NEVER go back, will NEVER buy from Centex again.

  60. The Cry Babies R EveyrwhereSeptember 29, 2007

    Blah blah blah
    I am losing my home
    I am in bankruptcy
    I hate my mortgage broker
    I hate my realtor
    I hate the title company
    I hate the bank
    I hate Congress
    I hate George Bush ...

    Friggin get over it, no one forced you too take a mortgage or refi your home.

  61. Veterans Losing Their HomesSeptember 30, 2007

    Wounded Vets suffer financial woes ...
    The troops coming home are just starting to seek help in large numbers, more than 185,000 so far. But the cost of their benefits is already testing resources set aside by the government and threatening the future of these wounded veterans for decades to come, say many economists and veterans' groups.

    Many of these Troops both home now and still in service, most in Iraq, are plaqued with financial burdens.

    The Disabled Vets are losing their homes because the government cant take care of them, the benefits are way behind in payment and the military uses a variety of tactics to wear Veterans down forcing them to wait for compensation and after years of fighting for their benefits end up settling for a fraction of what they were supposed to receive.

    It is only a matter of time before one of these Vets freaks out and shoots up something ... hopefully their mortgage banker, realtor, or dumbass Congressman.

  62. Dont Buy from CentexSeptember 30, 2007

    Read your comment about Centex Builders, yes they suck.
    Had similar problems with my new home.
    It is only a year old.
    Yes they are fixing it but Hell you shouldn't have these types of problems.
    I visited the site one time when they where building my house and the only thing I saw was Mexicans everywhere, none were speaking English!

  63. re: Centex Builders, a Centex Home -
    Yes the biggest problem is they use illegal Mexicans but all the builders in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California do it.
    Also Centx uses GE applainces, and GE sucks.

    I agree boycott Centex.

  64. No 1 Cares About AmericaSeptember 30, 2007

    re, 1 in 242 Homes -
    Read your posting.
    I also saw this on CNN Headlines News today. This is an increase of 200 percent from a year ago. But yet the government says it's under control and the market is just adjusting ...

    more bullshit from Wall Street, Congress, and the Reals Estate / Mortgage groups nationwaide.

  65. They R All Con ArtistSeptember 30, 2007

    Hey, I also saw that report about Maricopa County Home Foreclousers.
    1 in 242 homes will be foreclosed on this year.
    That means drive around your neighhborhood, or if you live in a condo, check the other floors and buildings. there is probably a foreclosure near you!

    Damn they should be putting these friggin mortgage brokers, loan officers, and underwritters in jail for lending people money who were either borderline or they new would default soon as their adjustable rate changed.

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