April 30, 2009

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  1. www.thebarricadeblog.com

    National Association of Realtors–hucksters and charlatans who will say anything to get you to take a bum deal (From Charting The Economy and via- Patrick.net)

    Many of you blog readers must have already seen this, but I was impressed by how well this post illustrated how much we don’t need realtors in the internet age, and how they only persist because of what amounts to a Congressionally protected guild system–I just had to put it up. No wonder they have to spend so much lobbying. Oh, and also, look at this chart that matches statements in their press releases to national housing data:


    From the NAR website on April 23rd: “Record-high housing affordability conditions are helping markets recover, with home sales higher than a year ago in Minneapolis, Northern Virginia, Las Vegas, Phoenix and most areas of California and Florida.” First of all, this isn’t even right, but even so, higher house sales numbers in one month means the housing market is really recovering? Or does it mean that banks are unloading abandoned cracker boxes in forgotten sprawl suburbs. Well, I suppose thy are just going to keep saying that we’re in a recovery every few weeks from now until who knows when–even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  2. Climb down off of the fence and say what ypu really mean...

    Interesting blog.


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