December 1, 2008

Closed, Archived Post for All Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Suck, December 2008

Oh L@@K everyone, my Realtor says, "These will sell in a hurry."

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  1. The Blog AdministratorDecember 01, 2008

    I reset the Blog format last month. So the LINKS where automatically deleted. I will put them back soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.

    Please FOLLOW this Blog and I will follow yours. It will help spread the word that Realtors and Mortgage Brokers are totally useless and are shoved down our throats through powerful lobby groups such as The National Association of Realtors, a useless group of greedy dirt bag scum that hurts the American consumer and the American economy!

    Don't think so, just look at the Mortgage Foreclosures in this country. And, who do banks hire to sell these foreclosed homes, that's right, the same group of idiot useless Realtors that created the problems with their greed.... 6 percent commission, who the hell are these bottom feeders kidding?

  2. realtors r tards one and allDecember 02, 2008

    just stumbled across this on yahoo

    it's about time someone came forward and told the world just how damn ugly this real estate business is and how much it has hurt the u.s. economy

  3. Realtor are Hurting the Real Estate Consumer Every Day. Realtors Provide No Protection in the Real Estate Transaction. Do Not Use a Realtor to Buy or Sell Real Estate. I Quit NAR because of the Lies - Deception and Lack of Consumer Protection. email me at to get access to post on my Blog. The Realtors have E and O insurance, this Insurance Protects the Realtor from the Real Estate Consumer. I am the Real Estate Industry Whistleblower. Do NOT use a Realtor when Selling a Home.

  4. Consumer Tip for SellersDecember 10, 2008

    Never use Virtual Tour in selling or renting any property.
    Here are the reasons why...

    1. Criminals, specifically thieves target homes with Virtual Tours because they can see online what is and is not worth stealing.

    2. So your house is empty, well homeless people have free access to computers at any library. You may find a homeless person living in that empty house.

    3. Even empty houses are targeted by criminals, who will strip everything from the homes, appliances, wiring, copper pipe, fixtures, mirrors, lighting, etc.

    4. If you live in California, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas you may find that an empty home is being used by a coyote, that's a scum bag who traffics in Illegals and needs a place to stash these people. Many of them are tied to drug gangs who could also use the property to store drugs or use it as a meth lab.

  5. They should all be shotDecember 10, 2008

    The National Association of Realtors are one of the worst groups that impact the consumer directly.
    They serve no purpose other than to create a monopoly on the Real Estate Industry that should be controlled only by the consumer.
    If there ever was a group of assholes who threaten the U.S. economy on a wide scale, it is the National Association of Realtors.
    These piss ant no bodies were able to joining forces with the Mortgage Industry and place banks all over the world in economic chaos and jeporaty.

  6. I got locked in shortly before all the bullshit scamming and balloon loans started taking place. 5% fixed. I'm a luck man. Hopefully I'm in my home for LIFE.

    I'm in the process of remodeling, turning my home in to the ultimate "man cave".

  7. Capital Pacific Homes---
    Capital Pacific does not stand behind the work they do. My 9 year old home develpoed a roof leak at a point where the roofer did not extend the flashing properly. It was cut to short allowing water to pool on the roof. Oh they sent out an inspector who agree it was wrong, then said sorry, only a two year warranty. What? on something built wrong! After repairing this weekend I even found they did not install flashing on that whole side of the roof! They do not respond to the B.B.B. complaint and generally just don't give a f#@$! So Capital Pacific Homes,,, I solute your poor business practices. Wonder why you're still in business?

  8. I have used 5 Realtors in my life time.

    2 in Florida, they were so so but acceptable.

    1 in Chicago, also ok, but kind of slow moving on things.

    Then there is Arizona where I live now:
    I have used two here both women, from two different real estate companies.
    What a bunch of shit-head stupid jackass total uninformed women.
    They were both clueless.
    They had to work in some low end minimum wage job and became a Realtor.
    These assholes should carry a sign that says, "Beware, I am stupid, do the transaction yourself, just pay me the commission."

    Before anyone jumps me about this, I am a woman!

  9. keller williams realty sucks

  10. Warning: This is graphic.

    The dishonest Realtor and the inexpensive house for sale.
    Check this YouTube Video out...

  11. AnonymousMay 05, 2009

    Realtors are definitely the bottom of the pit. Useless, idiotic, uneducated, lazy, worthless people that have gotten used to making easy and big money for doing nothing. Realtors are the agents for the broker/brokering firm. A realtor never, ever represents a buyer or seller. Realtors are just there to collect their percentage at the completion of the transaction. No ethics what so ever. I do not and will not ever trust anything a realtor says or does, because they always have an alterior motive (their own motive) which is to get 3% of the selling price for doing absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. National Association of Realtors is the largest lobbying group in the United States, I believe. Sad, but true. Write your Senator today to put an end to this enormous waste of your money.


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