September 1, 2008

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  1. In the real worldSeptember 01, 2008

    Did you ever notice that the stupid Realtors who have websites never put their phone number where you can find it.
    They ALL share one thing in common, fill out some idiot form with your personal information on it and they will get back to you...please, being stupid should ban these scum bags from having any job except working in fast food.
    The website designers are even stupider than the Realtors, if that's possible ...
    come on people haven't you heard of:
    1)) Customer Service, as in if I want something, I don't want to wait for it!
    2)) Identity Theft.

  2. sold it myselfSeptember 01, 2008

    God only knows how Realtors began, but the rest of us understand they are totally useless.

  3. I hate spammersSeptember 03, 2008

    This spamming piece of shit Realtor spammed my email account again...
    what a loser this asshole is -
    Alan Robinson
    with Arizona Property Wholesalers

    He is a loser, so is his company ...
    again NEVER buy anything through spam email.
    Realtors are scum,. and those who spam email are the lowest form of scum.
    The properties he has are all shit and I wouldn't own them if they were free.

  4. Does anyone have any suggestions about costing out farm / ranch land in Arizona?

    I am thinking of buying property.

  5. I didn't read all of the comments, but my parence had purchased a condominium, from RE/MAX Realty back in 1986, and unfortunately the building has lots of plumbing problems and it's an inconvenience and a nuisance place to live. Despite it being a semi-luxury apartment complex. Though my folks where never told about the enterior problems and the exterior problems of the building its self. They purchased the apartment as is. Do I have grounds for a lawsuite on there behalf against RE/MAX, realty? I live in Northern Virginia.

  6. former land speculatorSeptember 04, 2008

    re, determining the sales price of farm or ranch land in Arizona:

    It depends on several key factors....
    1.If it's within Maricopa County, it's market driven, so I would say 50% of 3-years ago.
    2.If you are talking outside Maricopa county, then it depends on the following......
    In this market - - -
    -Is it raw land - No improvements, no utilities, no roads, no water, no structures ... $350.00 per acre.
    -Semi-improved land - has a water well, dirt road, unrestricted access ... $400.00 per acre.
    -Improved (but no utilities) - has structures, fenced, surveyed, posted signs, water well, good access, near by town, near paved roadways, no flooding problems, electric or solar powered generators(s), - horses allowed, has trees .... $500-600 per acre.
    -Has utilities up to property including phone, water, electric but no sewer but needs connection, no structures, no improvements, no roadway on property .... $500 per acre.
    -Has livable structure such as a mobile home and utilities (mobile home really has no value and is generally part of the land sale price per acre .... $600 per acre.
    -Horse Property, has barn, corral, fenced property, pasture, etc and has utilities ..... $1,000-1,800 per acre.
    -Improved Property - has house, barn, horse coral, trees, pastures, all utilities, completed dirt road, totally ready to move-in .... $2,000-2,500 per care plus cost of house.

    IMPORTANT: Forget what some dumb-ass wannabee Realtor tells you, I have bought and sold land all over Arizona and New Mexico. These are the prices in todays depressed market.
    Also, what so person paid for it has nothing to do with what it's worth now!!!!!

  7. Farnsworth Realty and Management of Arizona suck...
    don't use them, they suck, they suck !!!

  8. In good faith I put a security deposit down and paid my rent on a house.
    Yesterday the process server showed up and said they were from the mortgage company and that the house was foreclosed on and I had to the end of the month to move out.
    The owner has my money and won't give it back and the mortgage company says it's not their problem.
    I have no money now for another
    place - what can I do, do I have to move?

  9. re, Need Help:
    Your story is becoming more commonplace than you might imagine.

    if you can get some pictures of the people who rented the house to you, including the Realtor or agent if one was used.

    Also get the name of the mortgage company, the process server, the lawyer and anyone else involved in this scam / scheme and GET EVEN -
    here's how .....

    Make a YouTube Video and put it up, keep it there until someone pays you your money back and if they don't then the whole world will have a list of names of people and companies that screwed you - yes they are all responsible for your problem ... make them suffer as you are suffering!

  10. sorry for you troublesSeptember 09, 2008

    re,re, need help-

    yes you have to move out
    i would contact the mortgage company and confirm the foreclosure
    also, you may want to seek immediate action against the property owner since they new their home was about to be foreclosed on and took your money under false pretenses - file a police report and notify the local district attorney's office
    you may also want to take the owner to small claims court naming the mortgage company as a codefendant, get a judgement and place a lien on the property hindering the foreclosure process

  11. Bankruptcy or Foreclosure?

    Most people don't know that Canada is a great place to market your home right now! I know many people that have done it and sold there homes FAST!!! My neighbor sold his house in two weeks.

    Try advertising on CL in Vancouver.

  12. Crystal L. CoxSeptember 26, 2008

    Realtors are Useless, I am an Ex-Realtor.. there is NOT one reason you Need a Realtor in your Real Estae Transaction. I am the Real Estate Industry Whistleblower - Crystal L. Cox

  13. las vegas sellerOctober 02, 2008

    finally a realtor who admits realtors are useless and do it yourself is best, thanks crystal cox, whistleblower..

  14. Meet another spamming piece of shit real-a-tard
    Jessica Jones
    Camelback Wholesale
    Phoenix Arizona

    Consumers Beware-
    L@@K buyers, NEVER buy any property you get in an email, spam is sent by the lowest of low life. Spam is illegal. Never buy any real estate you see on any craigslist ad.

  15. The Blog AdministratorOctober 02, 2008

    TO: The two recent posters that posted to closed sections of this board, I have deleted your post.
    Please follow the BLOG Rules.
    Post ONLY to the current post.
    ANY postings to CLOSED Post will be deleted.

  16. God, how I love this Blog.
    I just spent an hour going over the numerous posting by frustrated people around the country.
    I am glad that I am not the only one who feels that they have been screwed over by their stinking Realtor, and all those ho were in the chain of events that tool place in buying out home!

  17. Century 21 sucks.
    And, anyone who works for Century 21 sucks.

  18. all knowing, all wiseOctober 03, 2008

    I see dumb people everywhere......

    they are called realtors, appraisers, and loan officers

  19. Realtors call themselves 'Professionals.'

    Yeah, they are professional con artist.
    -Any jackass can pass a real estate exam.
    -Any moron can charge 6% to sell a property.
    -Any twit can fill out a sales agreement.

    Go back to Burger King where you belong you boils on the ass of humanity.

  20. ALL Real-a-Toads a.k.a. Realtors are filth, do the world a favor shoot one today!

  21. AZ Property Wholesalers
    Phoenix Arizona
    They suck
    They are stinking spammers.
    Constantly using email spam.
    The homes are rubbish,. should be bulldozed to the ground.

    Typical retarded Realtors

  22. consumer alertOctober 04, 2008

    I can't emphasize enough on this issue ...

    Never, Ever ... BUY a house that you saw through an email or was listed on craigslist (CL).

  23. I am so pissed at this housing bubble, and those who caused it, I could just piss on a Realtor!

  24. sell it yourselfOctober 04, 2008

    spammers -----

    I agree any ass clown that has to use email to sell a property is just a con artist!

  25. Phoenix Valley AZOctober 06, 2008

    Keller-Williams Realtors Suck.

    But then as I am finding out, all Realtors suck!

  26. how do these assholes get licensed?October 06, 2008

    Realty Executives is the worst real estate company I have ever dealt with.

    What a group of losers.

  27. personally I have found That Russ Lyon is the worst real estate company.

  28. My experience has only been with one real estate company, all bad ...
    that was with Prudential

    What a loser this shithead was.

  29. con artist or just plain stupidOctober 06, 2008

    I have used two realtors, and never again.
    The first was to buy a house, that was -
    1st USA Realty
    and the second was to sell, and that was Century 21

    Like many have said, people who get real estate licenses are a joke, whatever they were doing before this they need to go back to it.

  30. My experience is also with only one Real Estate Firm.
    all bad, very bad...
    that was with RE/MAX
    I agree Realtors are the stupidest people on this planet, either that or they are just low life conmen.

  31. your political process at workOctober 09, 2008

    Arizona is one of the TOP 3 states in the nation for foreclosures.

    Most of this is do to idiot Realtors; Worthless con artist Mortgage brokers; Half witted Real Estate Appraisers; Scum Sucking Real estate Brokers / Real Estate Companies; Bottom Feeding Asshole Lenders; and Piss Poor Builders.

    All these but Lenders are answerable to the Arizona Real estate Commissioner, appointed by a Democrat, Governor Janet Napolitano ....

    The idiot that was in charge for most of this and created the Real Estate Laws (through the Arizona legislator), Rules, Regulations, and Requirement for getting licensed in Arizona was Elaine Richardson, now a Arizona State Senator, Democrat -- District 11. Office Number: 314. Phone: 602-542-5262.

    This has gotta to be one of the dumbest most useless ass people ever to hold or be elected to any office in the world.

  32. re, Elaine Richardson
    yep she was a lousy real estate commissioner and she's a worse state az senator..
    a total flipping a-wipe politician from her hair to her toes...
    she shouldn't be allowed to breed!

  33. I'm a Realtor damn it and I resent all this Realtor Bashing.

  34. oh, my, I am offendedOctober 09, 2008


    did the little real-a-turd low life shit-4-brains asshole dog breath get offended by some posting... then get a real job, stop being a lying con artist piece of shit that makes hating easy!

  35. McDonald's Counter Guy v Mortgage LenderOctober 10, 2008

    One of my friends owns a mortgage brokerage, and he was highly offended when Sara Palin claimed during the Vice Presidential debate that the sub-prime mortgage crisis is the fault of the "predatory lenders."

    He was ranting about how ridiculous that statement is, and in the process said this: "That's like going into McDonald's, ordering a cheeseburger, and then blaming the counter guy for not telling you that cheeseburgers make you fat."

  36. get rid of all realtorsOctober 10, 2008

    re-re, Elaine Richardson

    dont forget she's so stupid that her shadow wont even have anything too do with her


    re, McDonald's Counter Guy versus The Mortgage Lender........

    why I completely disagree with my friend's statement:

    #1: The counter guy is not a nutritionist that you are paying to assist you in weight loss because you are unfamiliar with what you have to do to lose weight.

    #2: The counter guy does not have to be educated and licensed in the art of selling you cheeseburgers.

    #3: The counter guy does not make thousands (or millions) in commission on the cheeseburgers that you purchase from him. (Or even cents in commission for that matter.)

    #4: If I want a cheeseburger, I can make one at home. Going to McDonald’s is NOT my only option for eating a cheeseburger. Going to McDonald’s is a choice - getting a loan to buy a home is not a choice, unless you are disgustingly wealthy and able to pay cash for your dream house (in which case, the broken economy is not a humongous burden on you).

    What gets me the most about listening to these Realtors and Mortgage Lenders / Brokers rant is that they really think they are innocent in all this. They don't get it. It was their greed that propelled America into today's economic crisis.

    On a personal note -
    I’m DAMN GLAD I didn’t listen to any stinking Realtor, because I would almost certainly be bankrupt right now. Instead, about 3 months ago, my husband and I bought an insanely cheap brand new house with a FIXED RATE of 5.75%. Because now we can actually afford a house, and we were smart enough to buy a small house; after all, it’s only the two of us and we don’t need four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a backyard the size of a football field.

  38. about elaine richardson, former arizona real estate commissioner...
    and, does anyone think the current ass-hat.
    Sam Wercinski is any better?

    Well he isn't!

    Just another bump on the backs of consumers and a thorn in the side of what's right!

  39. WTF, God are these people for real?October 11, 2008

    Speaking of bad Real Estate Companies,
    I hate John Hall and Associates of North Phoenix Arizona.
    This dummy Realtor comes out to give me the sales pitch.
    So I asked two important questions:
    1 - What is your commission fee?
    Realtors Answer - 6% but if I list it and sell it it's only 4%.
    2 - How do you plan to sell my home within 30-days?
    Realtors Answer - Oh well just reduce the price.

    Like I need some wennie mobile wannabee business smuck calling themselves a Realtor to tell me this.

  40. unbelievableOctober 19, 2008

    So this idiot realtor, lets call her a real-a-turd, shows up at my home...
    what's the first thing I see on her car bumper, an OBAMA sticker...

    WTF, are you insane you dumb bitch?

    I got rid of her in a new york second!

  41. former mortgage lenderOctober 31, 2008

    1 in 5 homeowners owe more to lender than properties are worth.

    The worse is yet to come...
    anyone who thinks any politician is going to bailout the average homeowner is in a real dream world and is about to awaken to their worse nightmare in just a few months!

  42. AZ Property Wholesalers SuckNovember 07, 2008

    Alan Robinson a spamming asshole from Phoenix who loves to inundate peoples mail email boxes with spam.

    NEVER buy real estate either through craigslist or any offer recieved in an email.

  43. Top 10 Foreclosure Cities
    Merced, California
    Modesto, California
    Stockton, California
    Riverside, California
    Detroit, Michigan
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Cape Coral, Florida
    Vallejo, California
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Sacramento, California

  44. proof realtors and lenders are scumNovember 30, 2008

    How foreclosures have swept the Valley

    More than 40,000 Valley homeowners have lost their homes to foreclosure in the past 18 months.

    A combination of factors led to the surge. Adjustable-rate mortgages have reset to higher interest rates. Investors have walked away from bad purchases. Job losses are mounting.

  45. in Scottsdale ArizonaNovember 30, 2008

    Real Estate Agents piss me off-
    Rant: If you idiots want to sell houses then fucking show me the houses and the locations and prices ONLINE. I will not fill out your stupid forms and have you contact me when I don't know if you're worth my time. I have money to spend okay dipshits? I want to SEE some properties. And no, when I type in "horse property" I am not looking for a goddamned fancy Hacienda. I am not a drug dealer, I don't have a million dollars. I have horses okay? Gimme a break. Oh yeah, you want to be lazy and sell a 2 mil house to make your commission. Know what? Nobody has that kind of money anymore. I go to your stupid fucking sites and there are no reasonable deals, no photos and God forbid I want to view an MLS listing, without you wanting my blood type and firstborn.

    Screw you agents who just don't get it. No fucking wonder you're not selling homes, you don't know HOW to sell a home. I sold mine in ONE WEEK because I know what I'm doing. I'd bet there are great properties out there that you jackasses aren't selling because you simply DO NOT GET IT.

    Put pics up, make the homes look nice, contact me about what I WANT, not what piece of crap you want to unload. I have money, I will buy, you will get a commission but you need to work for me because I'm paying your sorry ass okay?

    Thanks for letting me rant. I'm just tired of wasting time online looking at realtor sites who should not even been in this line of work. Christ, some of you realtors could fuck up waiting tables let alone sell a house.

  46. re, Real Estate Agents piss me off

    I totally agree, those idiot realtors who ask you all kinds of questions on their poorly constructed moronic websites show that they are fledgling scum and should go back to their Burger King job.
    Who the hell has time to fill out a form and then get on some damn stupid email mailing list.
    Screw you dumbass Realtors, get a life, get a REAL JOB!

  47. pissed off sellerNovember 30, 2008

    John Hall and Associates of Phoenix Arizona you are dirt.
    Hope you all go bankrupt and then die.


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