May 1, 2008

Closed, Archived Post for All Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Suck, May 2008

This is just continued sign of the times. The housing industry is bust. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either in La La Land or an outright liar. In either case avoid the moron!

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  1. loving itMay 01, 2008

    This BLOG just keeps getting better and better.

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2008

    Question for All Ex Realtors......

    Help a former x-realtor out -
    OK, looks like my gravy train has arrived at the station, I cannot find anyone to make easy money off of anymore, and trying to actually sell a house is like work...uugggghhh! So my question is, where do I head? What field of work? There surely most be another easy gravy train just about to leave the station right? Someone help!

  3. Thinking of moving to Phoenix AZMay 07, 2008

    The Maricopa Harvester Ant ........
    The Pogonomyrmex Maricopa is one of the most common species of harvester ant species found in Arizona, and is considered one of the most venomous insects in the world.
    Their nest mounds are likely to incorporate rocks and gravel. The ants construct cemented caps on the sand mound nests in a fine sand dune area. The caps are approximately 60% calcium carbonate that is transported from the underlying calcium carbonate layers, and protect the nest structure from being eroded away during high-wind periods. Partial erosion of the cemented caps adds calcium carbonate to the sand dune soils.

  4. the vulchers are circlingMay 14, 2008

    If you haven't heard, here is the latest updates on the housing market ....

    1) Home sales across the board fell another 7.7%

    2) The national average that effects homes in a community that has a foreclosed sign or is in foreclosure is $5,000. This means that your home is now automatically worth $5,000 less.
    This is more like $10,000 if you live in Southern California, Las Vegas, or the Phoenix Valley (Arizona).

  5. nyuk nyukMay 14, 2008

    re, Vulchers

    Then run over, find your Mortgage Broker / Lender and Real estate Agent and punch them in the mouth!

  6. It been said, but needs to be said again and again ... it was greed, those stinking damn useless scum sucking Realtors with their high commissions drove the real estate market into a depression.
    Now they are all back at the job they belong flipping burgers and waiting on tables.

  7. spammers of any kind suckMay 16, 2008

    Here's another useless Realtor spamming asshole ...

    Gary Oman, Designated Broker
    email address:
    Gilbert Arizona

    Stick your spam and real estate ads where the sun doesn't shine you ass-clown.
    I wouldn't deal with a Realtor if my ass was on fire!

  8. Never do business with spammersMay 17, 2008

    Meet another twit spamming useless asshole ...

    Alan Robinson, Realtor a.k.a. ass-clown

    He's spammed me to buy a piece o shit property in Mesa Arizona
    What makes you think I want to live in the middle of Beanerville USA.
    Get a life, go back to work at Burger King or being a used car salesman you slime bucket.

    I will post here every time one of scum realtors spams me with an email!

  9. i was having fun todayMay 18, 2008

    Realtors Are Clueless

    I am on the go a lot, town to town, living in Hotels doing my job.
    You might have seen me on the San Diego, Las Vegas, or San Francisco Boards.

    Yep, I am here in Phoenix.
    I called a Realtor today, ran their asses all over town showing me houses I will never buy.
    What stupid jackasses they are.
    But it sure is fun.
    Better than sitting around the hotel room all day or hanging out at the bar.
    I love jerking these toads chain - Realtors are so stupid, they should all be at there real jobs making me fries and onion rings at Burger King.
    These jackasses are still asking sellers to pay 6%, and offering me 1% cash rebate.

    On a related note .....
    As I was finishing diner I noticed on ABC News that the real estate industry is still spiralling downward and soon will reach proportion of the great depression - Maricopa is now the leader in the nation for foreclosed homes.
    Houses that sold for 250,000 18-months ago are now at 107,000 and on their way to the auction block for a probably sale of around 40,000 to 50,000.
    Idiot builders, stupid mortgage brokers, corrupt loans officers, and greedy realtors caused this housing crisis, so what I am doing is just some good old American payback.
    Everyone should do it - lets have fun, these idiots make it so easy.
    YES, I have all ready posted to three other Internet Forums.

  10. AnonymousMay 19, 2008

    Monument Homes another suck ass builder.
    Forget them, they build crap.

  11. is there good news?May 20, 2008

    Arizona is one of the 5 worst markets in the country, we have over 70,000 foreclosures, the worst economy in 60 years; yet, the economist (Republicans in disguise) tell us we are doing OK and this is the best time to buy a house in Phoenix. How so? Well, you get the medium priced home, about $200,000 in Arizona, then you divide it by the medium income of $34,000, put on a pair of magical red slippers, look for the yellow brick road, and make a wish! Abracadabra! You'll get the house of your dreams in one of the hills of OZ aka Republican Headquarters

  12. I hate realtorsMay 21, 2008

    Here is another scum lifeless get a real job Realtor who send out spam emails ...

    name - Alan Robinson
    email address

    No one, and I mean no one wants to buy a house in Chandler Arizona unless they are mindless drooling Trolls or worthless Illegal scum!

  13. Buffett blames banks for credit crisisMay 25, 2008

    Blame for the sub-prime crisis lies at the feet of banks who took too many risks in mortgage lending, U.S. billionaire investor Warren Buffett told newspaper El Pais in an interview published on Sunday.
    "The banks exposed themselves too much, they took on too much risk .... It's their fault. There's no need to blame anyone else," he said.
    Buffett, dubbed the world's richest person by Forbes magazine, said he believed the situation in financial markets would not deteriorate further.
    "I don't think the situation will get worse in financial markets. General conditions in the business world will get worse, but it will only last a while," he said, adding he had no idea when an upturn would come.
    Buffett gave the interview on a recent visit to Madrid, as part of a European tour including Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain on the look out for new investments.
    He said the idea of the trip was to increase awareness amongst European businesses of his holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N), which holds stakes in businesses ranging from American Express Co (AXP.N) to Coca-Cola Co (KO.N).
    He said he wanted business owners to think of him when they were looking to sell.
    "We want to buy big companies that earn at least 50 million euros ($78.6 million) before taxes, and there's more of those in Europe than in other parts of the world," he said.
    He would not be drawn on what companies in particular he was looking at, other than saying he was not interested in distressed businesses.

  14. The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!

  15. it was greed, those stinking damn useless scum sucking Reactor's with their high commissions drove the real estate market into a depression.

  16. government must do something to resolve this and put all the mortgage brokers into jail,to stop them victimize people and of course people must be smart enough before going o applying mortgages or loan,for them not to be a victim on this kind of scam.

  17. Thanks for posting this useful and interesting blog! Some realtors are very desperate but that what they do for a living so all of us has the freedom to do whatever we want. Just be good to others.

  18. I read your blog when I was in Quebec. I bookmarked your site and read your post again when I reached CA after I purchased my new ed online computer. The site is excellent and looks the best in new!

  19. There are scum Realtor out there and buyer should watch out for that but there are also good realtor and they care to their buyer.


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